Axis Round Edges was founded in 1997. The climbing holds are designed by Frank Bogerman. All holds have a typical Axis feel and design: friendly for your fingers and very well produced, perfect for long, intense and pleasant climbing sessions.

SERIES 19 will be available from 1-3-2019.

Work in progress: The upcoming weeks/months we are making a lot of changes. We are not only adding a lot of new sets to the collection but we are also going to delete some old ones. Some of the old sets are going to be re-shaped and some will be removed. One of the reasons is that in the near future (in a galaxy far, far away) the Axis holds are going to be produced by Schlamberger P & J d.o.o. We are only moving the production of the holds. The holds will still be shaped by Frank Bogerman.

The layout of website will be changed a little so the holds can be found more easily by hold type. The holds will also be divided into several main categories. This too will take place in the upcoming weeks. This means that the website may look different from time to time. Our apologies in advance.

Ordering / Price list Please contact your local distributor or send us an email with your request.

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Axis climbing holds conform - NEN-EN 12572-3:2008, Artificial Climbing Structures - Part 3: Safety requirements and test methods for climbing holds.